Our Discount Fuel Program

How our Group Buying Works to Save you Money

OTEA combines its members fuel requirements, and then negotiates a volume buy with a number of fuel dealers covering New Hampshire, most of Maine and Vermont and much of Massachusetts.

Enrollment is open from January until mid-summer for the upcoming heating season.  Heating season dates vary by vendor, fuel type and plan.  Ask for details.

We then notify the members who have signed up for that round of bidding. You choose to accept the fuel company and prices or reject it. If you accept it, you then work with the fuel dealer as you would normally. You pay the dealer directly for fuel, not Our Town Energy Alliance. 

We may have several bids annually. Historically the first bid is the lowest and prices increase as we get in to the heating season. Since 1999 only twice have prices dropped after the bids were announced.
In fifteen years OTEA has had a good track record. We cannot control OPEC, economic supply and demand nor volatility on Wall Street.  Be proactive, sign up early and keep your options open. Note, dues must be paid when we go to bid  or you may miss out.

The only DIFFERENCE is the price you pay!!!  Add your fuel to our 9 million plus gallons; Help us get even better prices.

Some people think our program is "too good to be true". Check our testimonials from existing members.  These are repeat members since 1999 who were good enough to provide their thoughts and email addresses to us and the public.

See our Territory Map  

OTEA serves most all of NH, many towns in Vermont and Maine also much of eastern Massachusetts (propane) and most of northern MA for both fuels(oil & propane). Limited kerosene delivery is available. (See map for detailed coverage).

Our Dealers:

We have used Eastern Propane & Oil & Lavallee Oil since 2000 and Carroll County Oil since 2005.  New dealer in 2009 is Fielding's Oil & Propane of Maine-serving ME and NH.  New dealer in 2013 is Suburban, formerly Pyrofax Energy, Difeo Fuels and MainGas.   OTEA assigns the dealer based on geographic location.  Dealers  offer similar but differing prices and plans.  We reserve the right to add or discontinue fuel dealers at any time.

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