Member discounts on #2 Oil, Propane and K-1


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Enrollment is open for 2015-2016 season-
fixed prices plans will be available in later months.

 *You may join at anytime of the year for rack-plus discount program;  it is a competitive fixed price + daily wholesale cost. Most dealers offer rack. Fuel Prices vary by vendor and geographical area.
Great Low Rack Pricing Now!

Limited enrollment open for  current 2014-'15  season.

Carroll County Oil – Rack oil and K-1 open.  Budgets closed.

Eastern Propane and Oil Co.  Rack oil and kero open. 

Fielding’s Oil and Propane Co. -  Open for oil and kero rack.

Lavallee Oil Co. -  Open for oil and kero rack.

Suburban Co. –  Propane rack price – available.

Our Town Electricity is Here!

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OTEA Membership is open to homes and businesses
in most of NH and  some areas in ME, MA & VT.

Members, this is the time to get cash-back on referrals!
$10 each!  Available online  and by "word of mouth".

Why Join?    Our Town Energy Alliance is one of the largest fuel discount  groups in NH, ME, VT &  MA. We work for you, not the fuel company. Our sixteen years of experience saves you both time and money.

No one can be right all the time but our record has been exceptional. Please see Latest News for details. The $25. basic member fee is inexpensive insurance against fuel market disasters.

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Other Member Benefits:

Wood Pellets   Active members get Premium wood pellets at $258./ton. Please call the office for details. Pick-up only.

INTELLICONS®  Back by Popular Demand!   Save 14% annually on your Oil/Propane cost with this add-on microprocessor to your furnace. 10% savings are  guaranteed by manufacturer. Click Here to save green.

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